And I make sure to point to make sure they now when they do too...every time.

And I make sure to point to make sure they now when they do too…every time.

I am what some might call a perfectionist, neat-freak, obsessive-compulsive disorder (ODC, or CDO – in alphabetical order as they should be!) person.  Everything has a home and it should be in its home at all times.  I am very organized.

This personality trait comes in very handy at work.  I am one of the lucky people at work who has unlimited email space, right now I currently have 12,828 emails in my inbox.  Don’t worry fellow freaks, most have been read and responded to.  But with this unlimited space I get the wonderful opportunity to nail fellow co-workers to the wall when they try (in vain) to say I didn’t do something or are looking for something that I already sent to them.  This gives me great joy and warm-fuzzy feelings inside.

I have no problem attaching an email I sent weeks, months, years, right back to you.  I’ll even cc’ whomever you cc’ in the first place – because I’m nice like that.  I wouldn’t want them to not see that you are an idiot that can’t keep up with your own stuff.  I will play your game and I will beat you at it.  You have been warned.  🙂

Now on the other side, I will admit when I make a mistake.  Most of the time, I know I didn’t do this or do that.  It is usually because I didn’t want to, that person gets on my nerves, I don’t like dealing with them, etc., so I have no problem owning up to that.



I am the first one to admit that I suck at grammar. My ninth grade teacher who half-ass taught us to diagram sentences should be punched in the face – seriously, twice. Somehow I still managed to get through college; luckily most of my papers were more analytical and more forgiving of grammar than creative writing. My senior year of high school, I signed up for College Preparatory English, I knew I needed some help to get a decent ACT score. I took college freshman English my senior year also, the same teacher taught night classes through a local college and encouraged his students to enroll, credit was given in both classes for certain assignments. When I enrolled in ‘real’ college, I was ecstatic that for my major, no more English was needed – score!

We all make stupid mistakes in emails, especially when using iPhone and such. Most of these can be overlooked because you understand that we are all so busy and typos (and shit) happen. But there still must be some line drawn in the corporate world. I’m the first to admit that when someone with a large title misuses a word, I get overjoyed. “Hey look, the CEO, CFO, COO (insert creative title to justify large salary) is dumb as hell!” Even better, when others type just as they speak, no capitalization, or attempt at punctuation. So jumbled you can’t barely decipher what they are trying to say. Who doesn’t like an extra challenge!?!

Google and the thesaurus are my friends. I have always known that writing and grammar are my weaknesses, I know my potential to look like a fool. It seems others don’t have those worries or just don’t care.

Valentine’s Week


In preparation for Valentines, let me remind you all that there are some ways NOT to celebrate.  I will start with my first Valentine’s Day as a married woman.  I have been married for almost 23 years and my first Valentine’s Day was memorable but not in a good way.  My husband and his dad stopped at a roadside rose stand on the way home from work and chipped in together and purchased a dozen roses.  I got six and the mother in law got six.  They only came with one vase so of course the mother in law got the vase and I got the paper.  Needless to say, this should have sent red flags flying as the remainder of the years have been nearly as comparable as the first.  (NOTE to guys: Do not share flowers for your spouses with your dad)


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